Thursday, 30 August 2012

Perfect ? Think twice...

She was perfect. Perfect , in everything. She had blue eyes, the colour of which reminded one of the deep blue oceans only difference being the depth. Hers were deeper as if hiding the entire world in them. Looking into them , one would feel lost, tranced. Her hair , long and lustrous . So soft , more like velvet. The sun was smiling at her, the rays making her face gleam as she passed down the street . Smile , not leaving her lips even for a minute. She would always be the center of attraction for all those who knew her , for many others who had started noticing her. Passerby's not missing a chance to catch a glimpse of the girl who looked heavenly.Walking carefree, with her beautiful tresses falling down , playing among themselves, hiding most of her face , she looked serene. One look at her and suddenly the world seemed a kinder place to live. Happy, as one would describe her to be. 'Lovely girl, she is' , as some would say. She won the hearts of the people without even trying. Swaying away with the wind , she kept on walking. 'Why dosen't she talk ?' I heard one of the women say. 'She looks arrogant,' said one of the ladies, disgusted. 'Does she live alone?' , i inquired. My curiosity taking the best of me. 'Yes, i guess, who knows. We've never seen her talking to anyone. She never has visitors and she hardly comes out', Was the reply i got from the neighbours. Confused , i headed back to my hotel, my mind not being able to forget that face. Maybe, there was something about the girl , hidden from the world. Maybe that lively smile was a disguise , to fool people. Maybe behind that pretty face , was a girl not wanting to look herself in the mirror. Maybe , she hated everything about her that others seemed to love.  Maybe, she hated the world and not wanting to be a part of it was the only way she wanted to survive. Maybe, she was not what she appeared to be. Maybe, she used her smile as a weapon to prove her strength even though she cried herself to sleep ? Maybe, she was going through hell , heaven being a distant dream. Maybe, she was scared. Maybe , she was fighting her own battle, losing all of them.  Maybe , the world to her appeared to be cruel . Maybe, she hated the way she lived and failed trying to re-build her life. Maybe , she was hopeless , lost and maybe , maybe she wasn't perfect afterall ??

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