Tuesday, 28 August 2012


IT  was dark. for a minute i coudn't make up my mind. Was i dreaming ? Or was it some kind of a place i was locked up in, without any air, devoid of any light. I tried opening my eyes. I coudn't. I tried consoling myself, making believe that it was a dream. A nightmare that would soon dissappear the moment i wake up. I was wrong . It didn't. My head felt heavy.As if i was hit hard by something.  Soon things started becoming less clear, blurred.
Once again i tried opening my eyes, putting in some extra effort. I still coudn't. I decided the only way out was to get myself accustomed to the darkness. Ignoring the pain, that had by now taken its toll.
Neither could i see, nor was i able to move. Paralysed, i lay still.
By now i  had lost all the strength to get up, to be able to open my eyes or move. Soon i was sleeping or maybe i WASN'T.
Everytime , i think of it , i am bound to believe i was dreaming, bound to accept that it was unreal.
But somehow, somewhere i feel , i wasn't imagining, i wasn't dreaming. IT HAD HAPPENED.

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